FAQs of Interpretation Services: Frequently Asked Questions for Superior Language Support

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Telephonic Interpretation Services | TelelanguageFAQs of interpretation services – What do organizations need to know to provide superior language support?

More than 8% of the United States population is limited in their use of the English language. Quality language interpretation services are crucial to overcoming language barriers for limited English proficient and deaf and hard-of-hearing clients and patients.

For organizations to succeed in improving communication for the populations they serve, they must be ready to communicate with every client, regardless of what language they speak. While being ready to offer language services is easier than ever before, do you know which method of interpretation is best suited for your situation? Do you need an in-person interpreter or would you benefit from remote interpreting services?

In order to better understand what you need from professional language services, we’re providing the FAQs of Interpretation Services to help you understand the methods, benefits, and situations for the three types of interpreting services: Video Remote Interpretation, Telephonic Interpretation, and On-Site Interpretation.


FAQs of Interpretation Services: Video Remote Interpretation

Video Remote Interpretation

What is VRI?

Video remote interpreting, or VRI, is a video telecommunication service that uses devices such as web cameras or videophones to provide spoken language or sign language interpreting services.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) is currently the fastest-growing foreign language service in the United States, enabling organizations to work efficiently, cost-effectively, and with greater flexibility to quickly meet language needs of limited English proficient and deaf and hard-of-hearing populations.

What are the Benefits of Video Remote Interpretations?

Video remote interpreting provides an opportunity for organizations to quickly meet the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing populations, and limited English proficient populations – regardless of the language they speak.

    1. On-Demand Interpreting Solution: VRI allows you to provide a fast response for both spoken languages and deaf and hard-of-hearing clients/patients. When the need for communication is urgent, VRI provides interpreter response in seconds.


    1. Enhanced Accuracy: The visual support associated with Video Remote Interpreting can provide enhanced accuracy for spoken language and American Sign Language (ASL).


  1. Cost-Effective: Video remote interpretation fills the gap between over-the-phone and on-site interpretation services. Conventional on-site interpreting typically requires at least a two-hour minimum charge and possibly mileage and travel charges. VRI services can help optimize your interpretation budget while adding the benefit of visual support. When searching for a VRI provider, be sure to ask if there are hourly minimums associated with VRI technology. Part of Telelanguage’s commitment to our clients is that we look for ways to optimize and lower your interpretation costs, so we do not charge hourly minimums or extra expenses for VRI services.


Download the Free Whitepaper

Download the Free Whitepaper!

Will VRI Provide a Fast Response?

VRI allows you to provide a fast response for both spoken languages and deaf and Hard of Hearing clients/patients. When the need for communication is urgent, VRI provides interpreter response in seconds.

When Should I Use Video Remote Interpreting?

Urgent situations, or situations not planned in advance, often call for the use of remote interpreters to meet language support needs. When a situation requires a quick or immediate response that would benefit from visual support of the interpreter, VRI is available to support your language access needs. This allows you to access video interpreters when you need it, and at Telelanguage, we provide on-demand access to professional interpreters 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days year.

Will I Have Access to My Data When I Need It?

Through Telelanguage’s secure, online portal, clients have 24x7x365 access to their data – which allows organizations to stay connected to vital data which supports more effective operations.

What Sets Telelanguage’s VRI Platform Apart?

Simple, seamless, and secure, Telelanguage’s robust Video Remote Interpretation platform connects your Limited English Speakers to certified, U.S.-based interpreters through one simple application – in seconds.

  • Customized Rate Plans
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Easy Assembly From Any Office or Field Site
  • Staff Training and Dedicated Customer Support
  • HIPAA, HITECH and ADA Compliant Services
  • Available 24/7, 365 Days a Year
  • Apple and Android Devices Compatible
  • Secure Platform with Fully Encrypted Connections

Learn more about the benefits of Video Remote Interpretation in our free whitepaper: Video Remote Interpretation: Face-to-Face Intricacies Over a Remote Platform

FAQs of Interpretation Services: Telephonic Interpretation

Telephonic Interpretation

Does our organization have to sign a long-term contract with Telelanguage?

No. Telelanguage’s telephonic interpretation services are billed month-to-month and you are only billed for the time you’ve utilized an interpreter. Telelanguage does offer guaranteed rates for the duration of contracts that are agreed upon for a specific amount of time.


Does Telelanguage provide resources and materials for Telephonic interpretation?

Telelanguage is happy to provide our customers with many different types of educational and reference materials to make your interpretation experience as easy and simple as possible. In addition to free support materials, Telelanguage also offers free cultural awareness training in order to support customers in working with LEP populations. Our customers can order free interpretation support materials directly on our website.


Is there a minimum charge for telephone interpreting with Telelanguage?

There are no monthly minimums for over-the-phone interpreting with Telelanguage. Our clients are only billed for the minutes of interpretation utilized and can grow or downsize phone interpretation usage as necessary. One low per-minute rate includes paper and/or electronic invoicing, one-second increment billing, and free third-party dialing with NO HIDDEN FEES of any kind.


Does Telelanguage offer the languages I need?

Telelanguage currently offers over 300 languages to our customers. You can find more detailed information about the languages we provide here.


Can Telelanguage come out to our location to present services?

In order to assist our clients in understanding our services and capabilities, our account representatives can certainly meet with potential clients face to face. To submit more information about your organization, or to request a presentation from an account representative, simply contact us here and our account representative will get in touch with you shortly.


Download the Free White Paper

Download the Free White Paper!

Will there be long hold times for phone interpreters?

Telelanguage’s proprietary technology allows us to provide the fastest connect times in the industry with zero interruption in service during national emergencies. With our technological capabilities, we are able to utilize automated dialing features that ensure a fast connection time for all of our clients. Our call center agents are trained to ask our clients for the language they require prior to collecting further data in order to allow our automated system to locate a specified language more quickly.


What kind of training is available to Telelanguage Interpreters?

Telelanguage interpreters are tested and trained in many different fields of expertise. We are proud to provide superior-trained and certified interpreters who are qualified to interpret in fields such as healthcare, insurance, finance, legal and many others. We require our interpreters to participate in several training and mentoring programs before they begin their careers with Telelanguage. Nationally accepted codes of ethics and standards of practice are routinely reviewed throughout the interpreter’s training to ensure we are providing the most professional services possible.


Are call reports and statistics easily accessible?

All call statistics and invoices are available online in order to offer our clients a simple, easy-to-use and paperless solution for your account administrators.


How Does Telelanguage Handle Confidential Information?

Telelaguage is 100% government compliant and adheres to rigorous confidentiality standards. Telelanguage interpreters abide by a strict Code of Ethics and Confidentiality. They are professionals who are bound not only by a professional code of ethics, but also by written company policies and procedures that prohibit them from divulging any information about an interpretation. All documents and notes used for an interpretation are promptly destroyed at the end of the interpretation.


What Hours Can Interpreters Be Accessed?

Interpreters can be accessed at any time! In order to meet the demands of Telelanguage clients all over the world, our services are available to all of our customers 24/7, 365 days a year.


Does Telelanguage provide an automated interpreter connect feature?

Yes. Tele Auto allows you to connect via a customized voice recognition service directly to an interpreter. It’s as simple as dialing your dedicated toll-free number, providing the language you need and additional information you have asked us to collect for your records.


Can Telelanguage interpreters place a third-party call?

Yes. Our agents walk you through the process of reaching your necessary parties. After a client has provided us with the appropriate information we will connect you to an interpreter and dial the third party for you in order to ensure the third party is able to speak their native language to your caller immediately.

Learn more about the benefits of Telephonic Interpretation in our free whitepaper, Connecting Humanity Through Technology: The Importance of Offering Language Services as an Organization.

FAQs of Interpretation Services: On-Site Interpretation

On-Site Interpretation

What is On-Site Interpreting?

On-Site Interpretation is the process of having a face-to-face meeting, where the interpreter is present at your facility and allows for the highest level of accuracy.

When Should I Use an On-Site Interpretation?

While many providers prefer this method of interpreting, especially in healthcare settings, it is best used in Telelanguage Language Access Checklist for Marketplace Implementationsituations where extra contact with the interpreter is needed, meetings are planned in advance and may have multiple speakers, or where the LEP client or patient is more comfortable with a face-to-face interpretation.

Here are some common situations to help you know when to use on-site interpreters:

  • Complex, time-consuming issues
  • Lengthy appointments or interviews planned in advance
  • Multiple patient appointments scheduled close to each other
  • Where the Limited English Speaker prefers to have the Interpreter on-site
  • Where the Limited English Speaker feels uncomfortable using the telephone
  • Where hand and body gestures are essential to get a message across, and the situation may be complex, lengthy, or planned in advance.


Why Do Meetings Need To Be Planned in Advanced?

Scheduling appointments in advance will allow for the best possible outcomes, as it may take time to get an interpreter to your facility. There may be minimum hours charged, and changes in your schedule changes may present difficulties.

In short, when the situation or meeting is high-demand or high-touch and planned in advance, using an on-site interpreter is of the highest value.

What if I Need an On-Site Interpreter Immediately?

When a language barrier arises and you need an on-site interpreter quickly, Telelanguage has the capacity to have an interpreter at your location in as little as 30 minutes.


Now that you are armed with the FAQs of interpretation services, your organization will be able to find a dedicated language services provider to meet the specific language needs of your organization. 

While each situation is different and may call for a different method of interpretation, providing certified interpreters will increase customer/patient satisfaction and overall efficiency in your organization. As a leading provider of interpreter services since 1991, Telelanguage helps our clients to meet the needs of any situation, offering On-site, Telephonic, and Video Remote Interpreting services. We work with our clients to maximize efficiency and reduce interpretation costs while improving the quality of your language services.

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