Developing a Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) Pilot Program: Rolling Out New Interpretation Services Throughout Your Organization

Many organizations – regardless of industry – find themselves need foreign language and sign language interpretation services. Some organizations have been using vendor-supported language services for years, while others are just beginning to explore this service. Finding quality interpretation and translation providers can be daunting. There are different modalities (over-the-phone, on-site, video remote, document translations, ASL-specialized), different certification requirements, industry specialties (medical and legal interpretation are examples of highly specialized services), and much more to consider.

Video remote interpretation is arguably the newest modality in the professional interpretation industry (think Skype or Facetime). Video remote interpretation allows for on-demand services, while still providing a personal face-to-face experience. Many organizations are drawn to video remote interpretation because it also tends to be very cost effective. Video remote interpretation allows for billing by the minute, as opposed to hourly – as many on-site interpretation sessions require.

Simplify the Implementation Process of Video Remote Interpreting Services with Telelanguage

Piloting New Video Remote Interpretation Services | TelelanguageRolling out any new service throughout an organization can be a herculean task, but language providers such as Telelanguage have been implementing programs for decades.

Implementing video remote interpretation services is often much simpler than one might expect. We find that many organizations already have the technology in place to begin using our services. Telelanguage’s proprietary video platform runs on basically any webcam-enabled device: tablets, laptops, smart phones, etc. Our specific platform can be accessed via an application, or a web browser. We have an in-house IT team standing by for support, and to help answer any questions about security, integration, infrastructure and more.

Invest in Technology Over Hardware

For the sake of video remote interpretation (VRI), we prefer to take an approach to focusing on the software aspect – not hardware. While we are able to provide iPads and tablet stands if needed, we prefer to concentrate on the platform itself for several reasons. First, typically organizations have greater purchasing power than we do. Second, hardware gets outdated very quickly.

Consider this example: Many airline carriers have done away with screens in the headrests of their seats. The reason is that the actual hardware gets dated, and today everyone is carrying their own devices anyways (smart phones, laptops). Major airlines are instead investing in the technology to bring better Wi-Fi experiences to their passengers – to be used on individual devices. This puts the power of the device in the individual users’ hands – and allows the airlines to invest in technology. We approach our video solutions the same way. While we can provide hardware and devices – if needed, we prefer to invest in the platform which can be accessed from nearly any available device.

Customizing Your VRI Interpretation Experience

Telelanguage Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)Telelanguage is also happy to customize the interpretation experience. We can customize invoices, reports, greetings, and even the backdrops our video interpreters use during sessions. We can provide our interpreters with specific client-provided scripts to best reflect your organization and mission. We can completely white label the interpretation experience so your patients, clients and customers don’t realize that they’re utilizing a third party for interpretation.

We’re currently working with over a dozen healthcare systems to implement pilot VRI programs. Our pilot program allows organizations that are new to VRI to test the system, work through account details, and practice using the service to make it as efficient as possible. Providers such as Telelanguage are also typically happy to provide free test minutes to new organizations looking to try services. When searching for a video remote interpretation partner, ask for references and similar historical experience. Also ask about interpreter credentials, customer support, and technological security practices. Telelanguage is happy to answer questions – without obligation. Rolling out new video interpretation services can be seamless and painless – with the right partner.


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Download the Free Whitepaper!

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