Why Choose a Certified Interpreter vs. a Non Certified Interpreter?


When language barriers arise in pressing situations, you might think the easier option would to call on a friend or a family member to offer lingual assistance. While it may seem convenient, there are important reasons for choosing professional certified interpreters to facilitate the meeting, appointment or conference. We’ve listed the four most important reasons to choose a certified interpreter below:

Professionalism – Regardless if you require a face to face or telephonic interpreter, the meeting, appointment, or session will be a consistent and flawless experience in professionalism. Over the course of our past blogs, we’ve built on the fact that certified interpreters are consciously aware that they’re held to the highest standards, which includes how they conduct themselves to you.

Confidentiality – Interpreters that have received certifications are held to a strict code of conduct, which includes confidentiality. With a certified interpreter, you will never walk away from a session feeling like critical information could be breached. Alternatively, a doctor may not wish to disclose parts of a diagnosis to a family member or a friend that has come along to help due to privacy issues. A certified interpreter offers security that your information will not leave the room.

Knowledge of complex vocabulary – A major advantage a certified interpreter has over a friend or family member is the ability to interpret complex vocabulary. A certified interpreter will also have engaged in rigorous testing of their skills and knowledge in the language of their specialized field. A medical or court interpreter will be tasked with memorizing and understanding the definitions of terms in addition to their understanding of the language.  A family member or friend might unintentionally alter information in the process of trying to interpret back to you. Understanding of the content could potentially be lost, or you may receive a highly inaccurate interpretation.

Trustworthy interpretations – A certified interpreter has been trained to handle complex sentences, or interpret different conversations that could be happening simultaneously. The certified interpreter will also remain neutral during the meeting or appointment, and never offer personal opinions. They also understand that you are at liberty to be able to know the full context of the information that’s being interpreted to you, in its true form without anything being left out. A family member might hold back if they feel it might be something offensive, or not feel comfortable relaying portions of information.

When hiring professional certified interpreters, all of the above requirements will be applied to your session. If you’re looking for a reputable company with qualified and skilled interpreters that have met all certification specifications, you can depend on Telelanguage. Having been in business for over 20 years, Telelanguage’s 4,000+ interpreters are ready to speak in over 300 languages.  Expect fast connections, face-to-face arrivals within 30 minutes of when the appointment was made, and the expertise that can only come from a certified interpreter. Now for even faster connections, download our free app for iPhone and reach a live interpreter in just seconds!


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