5 Things You Need From Professional Translation Services

5 Things You Need From Professional Translation Services

What should you look for in a professional translation services company? When dealing with written translation for important documents, it’s imperative that these services offer the highest quality and accuracy. Language diversity in the United States alone makes interpreters and translators a necessity for all major industries, organizations and companies in order to serve their customers. The need for interpreters and translators is evidenced by the significant growth of the language services industry. 

We’ve written about How to Choose the Right Language Service Provider, but today we want to focus on professional translation services and what you need from written translation company to ensure accuracy and quality.


5 Things You Need From Professional Translation Services


1. Qualified Translators

Language translation is a highly specialized field and translators must be experienced and qualified. While many people believe that interpreters and translators can perform the same functions, written translation requires a different expertise and skill set than oral interpretation. Many interpreters are not qualified to provide written translation and vice versa. We wrote about the difference between interpreters and translators here.

At Telelanguage, our translators go through specialized training to meet the unique set of skills, knowledge and experience to ensure proficiency in medical, education and social services content, formatting, etc. Telelanguage only uses Translators that have Native Fluency in both the Target Language and English. Our translators must have at least 2 years experience in written translation and are also subject-matter experts as professional translation services require extensive knowledge of grammar, context, terminology and multiple meanings in targeted language.


2. Human Translation

Many companies offer machine translation or a blend of machine and human translation. Human translation offers the Translation Quote - Professional Translation Serviceshighest level of accuracy and should always be used for critical documents and documents presented to the public. Because a qualified linguist understands the idioms and grammar in a written work, he or she is able to use discretion for the most reliable and effective translation. This can also make written material feel more personalized, as professional translation services offer the best possible interpretation for the subject matter, and not just a literal translation. Many of our customers have a need for highly technical translation, such as medical translation and legal translation and we provide the highest level of accuracy for our customers with 100% human translation services performed by professional translators.


3. Quality Control for Translation Projects

It’s critical to ensure that all written translations go through a quality control process to ensure accuracy for your project.
You don’t want a company that outsources the work and offers no in-house control. The quality control process should include multiple levels of editing and proofreading. We assign translation projects to specific translators based on their experience and subject-matter expertise. In addition to our high standards for our translators at Telelanguage, all projects are coordinated by a dedicated Telelanguage project manager and proofread and edited by experts, as well as by publishing experts so our clients get the level of accuracy they need for professional translations.

Professional Translation Services - Telelanguage Process


4. Timely and Efficient Translation Services

Delivery time standards for human translation services are determined by the project scope – size, content and specific formatting needs. Telelanguage guarantees timely and efficient written translations. Deadlines for translating materials are determined in the review of the project and stated in a quote to the client for project approval.

When an emergency presents itself, it can be tempting to use machine translation, but the quality of written translation may be diminished by this approach and is not ever recommended for important, legal or medical documents. Telelanguage’s ensures that our customers have access to professional translation services, which includes emergency and rush services.


5. Complete Language Services Options

Many times documents may need to be translated into not just one target language, but multiple target languages. A professional translation services company should have the resources to offer quality translations that fit the needs of the client.

Telelanguage translation services are available from professional translators in over 100 languages so that our clients have the trusted services they need for every project. Many of our clients may also need interpreters, which Telelanguage provides telephonically, on-site, and via video remote in over 300 languages. While some of our translators are also certified interpreters, the majority are not, as written translation and oral interpretation are individually specialized skills. Telelanguage offers both certified translators and certified interpreters for our clients’ unique needs.  


Telelanguage has been a trusted provider of professional translation services and interpreter services across multiple industries for over 26 years. Some of our most requested written translation projects include: Newsletters, Summaries, IEP Notices, Notification of Rights, Public Notices, Ordinances and Rulings, Handbooks, Transcripts, and Home Care Instructions.

Need professional translation services? Telelanguage can help! Our team of qualified translators are experienced and are subject-matter experts. Contact us if you have any questions or to request a free quote for your project.


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