5 Benefits of Remote Interpreters

5 benefits of remote interpreters

Are remote interpreters and call center agents beneficial for language services clients?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, 24% of employed people did some or all of their work at home. The use of remote agents in the United States grew from 19% in 2003 to 24% in 2015, and the trend continues to grow with benefits to remote employees, businesses and clients.

For some, the concept of remote interpreters, as opposed to centralized call center interpreters, may be confusing. Does the use of remote certified interpreters bring a better value to clients? We think so!

Telelanguage bases its telephonic interpretation model on remote interpreters and call agents who are U.S.-based. As a trusted language service provider, we understand that new customers may have concerns about remote agents, but Telelanguage has a 26 year proven track record, and thousands of clients who benefit from decentralization.


Here are 5 Top Benefits of Telelanguage Remote Interpreters:

1. Fewer Distractions and Higher Professional StandardsFemale Social Services Interpreter

Remote agents and interpreters are held to the highest professional and industry standards. Our corporate policies strictly spell out that remote agents and interpreters must keep a secure, quiet work environment void of children, loud pets, background noise, etc. In addition, cell phone use is strictly prohibited. All agents and interpreters are required to comply with these policies.

2. Higher Levels of Confidentiality and Security of Information

Contrary to standard beliefs, remote agents and interpreters actually adhere to higher levels of confidentiality than call center agents. With remote agents and interpreters, there’s no overhearing of other conversations, “water-cooler talk,” or mention of work after hours or on breaks. Our agents and interpreters must all be HIPAA and HITECH compliant. No notes are recorded by our interpreters, and no secure or private information is recorded.


3. Flexibility and Availability

The majority of our agents and interpreters work for us full-time. One of the advantages of having remote agents and interpreters, as opposed to centralized call centers, is our flexibility. We’re able to easily cover all standard business hours across all time zones, and our agents and interpreters set their own schedules to ensure we have constant support, 24x7x365. In addition, the flexibility of allowing our agents and interpreters to work remotely improves job satisfaction. Our remote agents and interpreters have 30% higher retainment rates than call center employees, because they’re happier!


4. Greater Up-Time, Lower Risk of Outages

With our remote agents and interpreters being located all across the country, we can easily route calls wherever we need to – especially in the event of a large, regional outage or surge. This decentralized approach to customer service allows us to achieve a 99.9% uptime. We have historical examples of competitors needing to route their calls through us during localized natural disasters, as their call centers were catastrophically affected.


5. Local Experts and Specialization

Many companies provide on-site interpreters locally, but few can provide telephonic interpreters within a specific region. With remote agents and interpreters, you have the option of requesting local telephonic interpreters. This can help when referring to local street names, acronyms, slang, or other geographic markers. On the other hand, you can also request only interpreters from outside your region. For example, the Hmong community is traditionally a very conservative and close-knit culture, and often feel more comfortable talking candidly to an interpreter they’re sure they won’t know in person. With remote interpreters, it’s easier to get the most qualified interpreter for your specific needs through our filter-based qualification interpreter connect.


Those are our Top 5 benefits of remote interpreters!  Have questions about our process or getting started with language services? Contact Us for more information. We’d be happy to schedule a free demo and answer any questions you may have. Telelanguage has a network of over 4,000 of the best quality, certified interpreters. For any situation you may encounter, a professional interpreter is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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