3 Ways Certified Interpreters Help Everyday Situations

When we think of interpreters, we immediately think of medical, conference, or legal situations. Although interpreters are most commonly used for these cases, here are some other ways a certified interpreter can help offer assistance:

 In the office– Have you ever had to conduct an interview, or had a lengthy meeting with a business associate that does not speak your language?  Certified interpreters are highly trained to be able to be professionally presentable, and help get your important messages across in the appointment.

At home– Some other ways certified interpreters can be a huge benefit are right in your own home. If you live with or have a relative that’s a Limited English Speaker, an on the spot interpreter will assist with them appointments, like with the cable company or an internet provider. If a problem arises where the LES need to speak to a landlord, they can always rely on an interpreter to help them both on the spot or telephonically.

 Education – For students enrolling or transferring to different schools whose parents may not speak the language, having an interpreter assist with filling out forms and paperwork for enrollment will make the transition process a smooth one. Parent-teacher conferences are also an opportunity to have an on the spot interpreter come in and provide understanding to help relay critical information about the student’s education.

For any situation you may encounter, a certified interpreter will be able to meet you either on the spot or over the phone, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For even faster connections, Telelanguage has created a breakthrough app for iPhone that’s free to download, and you’ll be connected to a live interpreter ready to speak your language in just seconds.


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