911 Emergency Interpretation Services
6000+ Interpreters in Over 350 Languages

Telelanguage has been providing complete language solutions for 911 emergency  services since 1991. Telelanguage provides 911 interpretation services over-the-phone, via video remote, and on-site, as well as written translation services in over 300 languages. Call us today for a free quote.

When language barriers arise during an emergency, you need a dedicated language service provider you can trust. Telelanguage provides clients with the leading-edge technology and professional services they need. Telelanguage interpretation and translation services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our network of certified. U.S. based interpreters are just seconds away.

The Telelanguage Difference: 

  • Flexible Rate Plans
  • Telelanguage offers best-in-industry Call Volume Discount Plans exclusively for Emergency and 911 clients.
  • Contract renewal policy guarantees zero rate increases.
  • Free Service Trial Programs where you can test our services before entering into an agreement.
  • Quick interpreter connect in over 300 languages.
  • Superior trained and certified interpreters.
  • 100% U.S. based workforce.
  • Telelanguage’s proprietary technology guarantees zero outages during national emergencies.
  • Free Cultural Awareness training for our emergency/911 clients to know how to work with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients.
  • All interpreter reference materials to assist in effective communication with LEP callers ar

Connect to U.S. Based, Certified Interpreters Faster Than Any Other Vendor!

Video Remote Interpretation:
Harnessing the Intricacies of Human Interaction through Technology.


This Whitepaper features information to help you understand:

  • How, and why, video remote interpretation is used.
  • The difference between VRI and other forms of interpretation.
  • How to find a certified, professional service provider.

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